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Since 1987, NIDEK has been the first manufacturer of built-in tracer, compact and automatic edgers. Since then, NIDEK has been keeping on improving performances of their products to ensure the best results to opticians, whatever the type of mounting and the materials used.

NIDEK also mean know-how, experience in solutions for refraction examination in both optics-optometry and ophthalmology fields and a complete range of services and solutions used to gain the best grasp of the high technology of our instruments.
NIDEK offers you a structure authorized to provide various trainings. To know more about it, please click the link Training.

NIDEK range gives more value at each step of sales, in shops:

  • Objective/subjective refraction and keratometry: Auto-refracto-keratometers
  • Quality of the visual system, Aberrometry and Topography: Autorefractometers
  • Centering and readings: Lens meters, Centering devices  / Blockers
  • Eyeglass edging process: Automatic edgers, Manual edgers, Creasers
  • Assembling glasses: Small tools, Air frame heater, Various small equipments
  • Controlling and checking the equipment: Acuity scales, Polarized and non-polarized LCD screens, Test projectors


A travelling team, including more than 20 technicians, all over France, is available to provide advices, to train and provide a technical support to opticians. As this team is very efficient, you can gain an optimal use of any function of each of your medical devices, all along its lifespan.


    We keep on improving our range of edgers to offer the best technologies to industrials looking for accurate and quick solutions.
    Needs and priorities are related to automation, automatic blocking and centering of glasses and speed execution of tasks while maintaining the quality of the finished product.


    Our solutions can be adapted to any needs and consider fundamental factors, such as the number of tasks to perform, the nature of the materials to edge, downtimes and cost reductions per task.
    As our systems are compact, they can be integrated in small spaces as well as in industrial environments.
    NIDEK particularly care for the quality of the finished product and make a point in creating solutions with a higher « first fit » ratio and cheaper than traditional solutions.


    They are adapted to the lack of space in optical shops while offering an optimal comfort to the customer/patient in order to ensure the quality of measures and of the final result.

    As we are a high quality manufacturer, we can always provide an adapted and innovative response to ensure an optimal support.

    NIDEK consultation units are exported all over the world. This proves the quality of our finished products and the value of our commitment, over the boundaries of the French market.
    In case you have a question, please contact our Export Department, and particularly:
    Our Export Manager: tel +33 (0)6 15 91 29 47 or
    Our Export Assistant: tel +33 (0)4 37 28 67 39 or

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