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Spectral OCT for retina analysis and Follow-Up with HD Scans and SLO image of retina with option of ANGIOSCAN for angiography without injection

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  • Detailed description

    Spectral OCT for retina analysis with High Definition Scans and confocal SLO image of retina.

    The SLO imaging allows a reliable real time tracking of the retina with a Tracing HD Plus Mode proposing an average of up to 120 B-scans for an optimum reduction of image noise. With the cyclotorsion correction all the features are gathered for an accurate Follow-Up mode in all acquisition ways.

    The EDI mode allows an improved image of the choroid to complete the diagnosis. The sensibility modulation of OCT signal helps the acquisition in cases of media opacities.

    Both COMBO mode and customization of examination reports make the OCT a reliable tool for all types of practice. All the reports can be printed and exported towards an EMR software to be displayed in the patient record.

    The AngioScan option for OCT-Angiography without injection completes the structural information with a vascular and microvascular analysis of the retina and the choroid for an increased diagnosis.

    This specific software remains available on the RS-3000 Advance.

  • Data sheet
    • caractéristique 1 EN High speed scanning at 85.000 A-scans/s
    • caractéristique 2 EN Retinal SLO imaging with 880nm
    • caractéristique 3 EN Tracing HD Plus Mode for accurate averaging of up to 120 frames
    • caractéristique 4 EN Cyclotorsion correction and EDI mode
    • caractéristique 5 EN Sensibility modulation of the OCT signal and OCT-A (cataract)
    • caractéristique 6 EN Automatic Panorama in OCT-A up to 12x12mm
    • caractéristique 7 EN Usability: automatic focusing and image positioning
    • caractéristique 8 EN Follow-Up mode in retina with trend analysis up to 50 examinations
    • caractéristique 9 EN COMBO mode for delegation of tasks
    • caractéristique 10 EN Customizable exam reports
    • caractéristique 11 EN Normative Data Base in 9x9mm Macula Map
    • caractéristique 12 EN RNFL analysis (full retina and macular ganglion cells)
    • caractéristique 13 EN Anterior segment module
    • caractéristique 14 EN Licenses for 3 external computers
    • caractéristique 15 EN AngioScan module in option (OCT-Angiography without injection)

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