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Gonioscope GS-1

Automated gonioscopy with 360° color imaging

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  • Detailed description

    With the GS-1, NIDEK S.A innovates and makes the gonioscopy examination accessible by automating the acquisition of the iridocorneal angle images over 360°.

    The Gonioscope GS-1 is equipped with a unique acquisition cone consisting of 16 mirrors reflecting the light at an angle of 61 °. Applying a gel about 1.5mm thick to the surface of the cone is necessary for image acquisition. The gel is an interface between the patient's eye and the device. Thus, the multi-mirror cone does not touch the patient's eye.

    For each of the 16 mirrors, 17 images are acquired at different focal planes to guarantee clear images on the area of interest. In total 272 images are acquired in 15 seconds. The software creates an assembled image of the 16 images providing a 360° representation of the angle. The image can be visualized by a linear or circular representation according to the observation preferences of the user. The image allows the analysis of different anatomical landmarks of the angle and to appreciate its degree of opening as well as the pigmentation.

    All abnormalities detected are recorded and localized to ensure optimal patient monitoring. The color image of the angle also allows the planning and control of minimally invasive surgeries in the case of glaucoma (MIGS) with a determination of the best insertion site and the control of the material implantation.

    Automated Gonioscopy provides the benefit of faster and more frequent access to iridocorneal angle data and easy patient monitoring.

  • Data sheet
    • caractéristique 1 EN Acquisition in 15 seconds
    • caractéristique 2 EN 360 ° acquisition or single image
    • caractéristique 3 EN Goldmann prism with 16 mirrors
    • caractéristique 4 EN 17 images acquired per mirror
    • caractéristique 5 EN Automatic tracking on X-Y axes
    • caractéristique 6 EN Automatic measurement shot
    • caractéristique 7 EN Innovative “Stitching” images (circular or linear)
    • caractéristique 8 EN Examination reports
    • caractéristique 9 EN Internal fixing point
    • caractéristique 10 EN 9” color touch screen
    • caractéristique 11 EN White LED source
    • caractéristique 12 EN USB connection, LAN
    • caractéristique 13 EN Future connection to the NAVIS-EX examination platform

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