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LSFG RetFlow

Measuring device analysing the distribution of the blood flow both in the retina and the choroid, in a non-invasise and a non-contact way.

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  • Detailed description

    Laser assessing the blood flow of the fundus of the eye on a 22° analysis area, in a non-contact and non-invasive way.

    The measuring process covers a surface of 6mm x 4mm of the fundus of the eye in only 4s acqusition for any patient. While the acquisition is performed, 120 frames are taken in order to follow the blood flow variation for more or less 4 heartbeats. 4 differents models of representation are proposed for the analysis process (including one video).

    The analysis is based on one main value named the MBR (Mean Blur Rate) which shows the percentage of the blood flow variation inside the analysed area. This relative value, calculated for each pixel is proportional to the blood flow velocity and allows to calculate all other parameters to complete the quantitative analysis of the bloof flow (perfusion of the optic nerve head or a vessel, shape of the heart wave...). In total 16 values can be processed for each patient.

    The analysis markers can be positioned to analyze a specific area (optic nerve head, one particular vessel,...) and calculate the useful numerical data from it. During the Follow-Up, the previsous measuring conditions and the markers are automatically reused by the device to follow the patient blood flow variation accurately.

    The LSFG has a unique interface for both the acqusition and the analysis, specifically designed for the study of the retinal blood flow.

  • Data sheet
    • caractéristique 1 EN Analysis field 6mm x 4mm (22°)
    • caractéristique 2 EN Non-invasive and non-contact acquisition
    • caractéristique 3 EN Acquisition time 4s, +/- 4 heartbeats
    • caractéristique 4 EN Laser wavelength 830nm
    • caractéristique 5 EN Main value for the analysis : MBR, mean blur rate
    • caractéristique 6 EN 16 quantitative values for the analysis
    • caractéristique 7 EN 4 different models of representation (including one video)
    • caractéristique 8 EN Follow-Up tool
    • caractéristique 9 EN More than 160 studies about this product

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