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LEXCE Trend 8

New generation’s edger

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  • Detailed description

    LEXCE Trend 8 is a new Nidek lens edger. Available with all NIDEK blocker, this compact edger offers exclusive function as variable bevel for hi-curve lens and step bevel.

    Created to grind all lens material, it is equipped with an integrated 3D tracer and a unique Nidek process to trace demo lens and pattern directly in edging chamber.

    LEXCE Trend 8 is provided with a 5-axis drill and groove unit who brings accuracy and high-level quality. Thanks to avant-garde design and engineering innovations, the LEXCE Trend is technologically advanced, offering consistency and size accuracy while encompassing a faster cycle-time.

    LEXCE Trend 8 Have a large LCD tactile screen.

  • Data sheet
    • caractéristique 1 EN Variable bevel and High-curve mode
    • caractéristique 2 EN 5-Axis drill and groove Units
    • caractéristique 3 EN Available with all NIDEK Blocker
    • caractéristique 4 EN New 3D Tracer
    • caractéristique 5 EN

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