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UTRA WIDE FIELD MULTIMODAL IMAGING PLATEFORME : Combined SLO/OCT technologies with an ultra wide field adaptor for imaging up to 163°.
Available modalities : color fundus camera, autofluorescence (blue, green), static and dynamic angiograms with injection (FA and ICG), Infrared (IR), Retro mode, OCT and OCT-Angiography.

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  • Detailed description

    The Mirante is a multimodal imaging plateform who combines SLO and OCT technologies. Several imaging modalities are available for a complete assessment of the retina. With the ultra wide field adaptor images can be captured up to 163°.

    Confocal SLO imaging (Scanning Laser Ophtalmocope), is precisely focused on the retina and allows color fundus imaging, autofluorescence (available with blue and green wavelenghts), angiograms with injection (static or dynamic, with fluoresceine (FAF) and/or green indocyanine (ICG)) and Retro Mode (retroillumination of deep layers of the retina and the choroid). The 4 lasers sources and their own sensor included in the Mirante make the acquisition very fast and enhance the sensibility detection of abnormalities in the retina and the choroid. Thanks to the Ultra 4K HD (resolution up to 4096x4096 pixels) and averaging functions (HD summation up to 120 images), stengthened by the FlexTrack algorithum correcting the distorsions, images are captured with cleanliness and sharpness. The high definition and clear visualization of subtle changes in the retina and his capillary vessels make the Mirante an optimized device for detection and identification of pathologies. An aditionnal adaptor is available to extand the field of view in periphery up to 163° (mesure from the center of the eyeball). The examination is completed by perpiherical analysis for early screening. The Mirante is also flexible with tilting and swinging movements of the optic head to fit with all patient morphologies.

    OCT technology allows the detailed visualization of the section for both the retina and the choroid and analyzes the microvascularization without any dye injection (OCT-Angiography). The acquisition field of view up to 16,5x12mm analyzes both the macula and the optic nerve head in a single shot. Ultra-Fine mode and Tracing HD Plus function increase the image quality and give a detailed view from the vitreous to the choroid. OCT-Angiography up to 12x12mm in one single shot completes the morphological analysis with a view of the vascularisation for each layer of the retina. Both vascular density map and perfusion density map are also available.

    Navis-Ex software includes a specific viewer for the Mirante with an esay comparatif display for all imaging modalities.

  • Data sheet
    • caractéristique 2 EN Confocal SLO imaging
    • caractéristique 3 EN 4 laser sources and 4 dedicated sensors (488nm (blue), 532nm (green), 670nm(red) et 790nm (IR))
    • caractéristique 4 EN Standard acquisition field 89°
    • caractéristique 5 EN Ultra Wide Field acquisition field 163°
    • caractéristique 6 EN Optic head tilting +/- 10°, swinging +/- 20°
    • caractéristique 7 EN Image resolution up to 4096x4096 pixels
    • caractéristique 8 EN Video resolution up to 1024x1024 pixels
    • caractéristique 9 EN Averaging mode up to 120 images (SLO and OCT)
    • caractéristique 10 EN Eyetrcaking for cyclotorsion
    • caractéristique 11 EN FlexTrack algorithum for distorsion correction
    • caractéristique 12 EN SD OCT - 85.000 A-scans/s
    • caractéristique 13 EN Acquisition field up to 16,5x12mm
    • caractéristique 14 EN Normative Data Base (NDB) of 9x9mm in Macula, 6x6mm on papillary area
    • caractéristique 15 EN Dioptric compensation -15D to +15D
    • caractéristique 16 EN AngioScan module for OCT-Angiography
    • caractéristique 17 EN Anterior segment adaptor for OCT

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