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Tabletop Refraction System TS-310

Tabletop Refraction System TS-610

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  • Detailed description

    The combination of the RT-6100 medical device (automatic refractor) and its accessory (optional) the SSC-100 screen allows the creation of a compact unit for the examination of the unique subjective refraction: TS-610.

    TS-610 is an innovative device for subjective refraction that allows a complete far and near refraction in a space of less than 0.5m².
    It is a combination of RT-6100, automatic refractor head measuring from -29D to + 26.75D, and a revolutionary screen adapting to a measurement at 5m and 40cm.

    All tests of visual acuity and binocular functions can be performed both in far vision and near vision. The LCD screen controls the contrast and incorporates patented systems to minimize accommodation, for accuracy and reliability of results similar to an examination performed under usual conditions.

    The intuitive and tactile control console communicates with the auto-refractometer and the lensometer for quick and easy examination.

    Its design fits into any space since the exam can be done both sitting or standing.

    Its maintenance and installation are very simple to allow internal and external mobility in the consultation room.

  • Data sheet
    • caractéristique 1 EN Measurable range from -19 to +16.75D
    • caractéristique 2 EN Size : 446 (W) x 519 (D) x 763 (H) mm(H) mm
    • caractéristique 3 EN LCD screen with contrast and accommodation control

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