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About us?

Present on the optics market as well as on the ophthalmology market, NIDEK CO Ltd. (japon) develops, manufactures and markets high-tech equipments designed for vision professionals: instruments, units, small equipments and consumables.

NIDEK S.A., French subsidiary of the group, employs more than 100 persons. Everyday they invest to meet the requirements of vision specialists, on the French market, by distributing NIDEK optoelectronic instruments, designed by our R&D teams in Japan. Examination units are designed and developed only in France in the NIDEK factory, located in Lyon.
To assist their customers’ development, NIDEK SA also offers a range of services, including installation supports, financing solutions and also training.

NIDEK sites in France

NIDEK S.A. Headquarters
13 rue Auguste Perret
94042 Créteil, France
Tel. : +33 (0)1 49 80 97 97
Fax. : +33 (0)1 49 80 32 08
NIDEK S.A. After Sales Service
6 rue Eugène Freyssinet
94042 Créteil, France
Tel. SAV :
NIDEK S.A. Lyon Agency
Multiparc de Parilly
50 rue Jean Zay
69800 Saint-Priest, France
Tel. : +33 (0)4 37 28 18 18
Fax. : +33 (0)4 37 28 18 19

NIDEK since 1971...

1971 : NIDEK Co Ltd was created in July
1973: NIDEK designs the first laser photocoagulator using Xenon
1978: NIDEK markets their first laser photocoagulator using Argon
1988: the French subsidiary, NIDEK S.A, opens
1989: NIDEK designs the first 3D edger of the market
1992: Release of the 1st no-contact applanation tonometer
1994: Creation of the NIDEK S.A. agency in Lyon, France, dedicated to the design, the assembly and the distribution of examination units in France
1994: Production of the 1st rotating consultation unit
1995: Marketing of consultation units is expanded to the international market
1996: Launching of the Excimer EC-5000 laser in France
2002: Launching of the OPD-Scan: measuring device of aberrations of the eye optical path in order to implement a customised treatment, using the laser Excimer EC-5000 laser
2003: Launching of the retinal microperimeter
2003: The site of Lyon celebrates the production of its 1000th examination unit
2004: NIDEK designs the 1st combined tonometer/auto-refracto-keratometer of the market, the Tonoref®
2004: Mr Hideo Ozawa, who founded NIDEK, is awarded the "Rising Sun" prize by the Japanese Government and the Emperor of Japan
2004: Launching of the ME-1000, 1st integrated-drilling edger
2005: NIDEK enters the semi-industrial edging systems
2005: Presentation of the prototype of an implantable artificial vision, at the NEDO Show (New Energy and Industrial technology Development Organization)
2006 : The Pont d’argent is awarded to the edger ME-1000
2006: Launching of the AFC-210 non-mydriatic fundography system
2008: NIDEK S.A. celebrates their 20th anniversary
2008: The Pont d'Or 2008 is awarded to the ARK-530A auto-refracto-keratometer
2008: The Silmo d'Or 2008 is awarded to the OPD-Scan II aberrometric station
2009: The Silmo d'or 2009 is awarded to the ARK-560A auto-refracto-keratometer
2009: Launching of the 1st OCT SLO Nidek, the RS-3000
2009: NIDEK introduces the photocoagulator MC-500 Vixi, a scanning multispot laser
2010: The Silmo d'or 2010 is awarded to the edger Me-1200
2010 : The Pont d’argent is awarded to the edger Lex-1000
2012: Partnership with the group Pointvision to organize a HR & Financial Management training for ophthalmologists at HEC Business School
2012: Marketing of the 1st fully automatic no-contact biometer ultrasound system A, the Al-Scan
2012: Launching of the new edger Me-900
2013: New range of auto-refracto-keratometers ARK-1 Series
2013: Launching of the new edger Le-700
2013: The Silmo d'or 2013 is awarded to auto-refracto-keratometer ARK-1S
2014: The Pont d’argent is awarded to the edger ME-1200
2014: NIDEK S.A. celebrates their 25th anniversary
2015: NIDEK presents their new website
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